Ambulance Chasing by Mobile Phone

Imagine being in an emergency room, all worried about your sick child and suddenly getting a text from a personal injury law firm!  How rude!  Gerald Treece of South Texas College of Law Houston says the Supreme Court has ruled against personal solicitation.

“You can do it indirectly but not face-to-face solicitation. To me a telephone text message is a face-to-face solicitation!”

He says according to the State Bar of Texas there are all kinds of rules and regulations to follow before you can do any advertising to a potential client.

The big question is how did this firm – or it’s marketing firm – get the information that these people with mobile phones get the information about these people being in an emergency room waiting room – and then idea that a person should be contacted via a text message --- that’s the slippery slope!

The technology used includes geo-fencing and special wifi capturing.  Next time you’re caught  with your mobile phone in a medical facility --- turn off your Location Services.

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