Media praising Mueller two decades after trashing Starr

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If you even bother to watch the mainstream media anymore, you will notice they are literally rooting for Robert Mueller as he investigates President Donald Trump. But that’s a total 180 from what the mainstream media was saying two decades ago.

You might not remember, but back in 1998, the mainstream media was on the attack against Ken Starr, who was investigating then-President Bill Clinton.

“I’m going to call any witness I can to prove that Ken Starr is a partisan zealot,” Geraldo Rivera said on his nightly CNBC show twenty years ago.

So what's different now? Republican strategist Jessica Colon says the media liked Clinton in '98; they don't like Trump in 2018.

“They want this investigation to continue. They empower Muller on a regular basis. They praise him for his professionalism,” Colon explained.

She also says they don't even try to be fair and balanced anymore.

“They don’t hide it. They expose it to the American public. It’s on full display in the 24/7 news cycle,” Colon said, adding that this bias being on display is “sobering.”

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