Former Cop Accused of Killing His Brother, A Harris County Sheriff's Deputy

A former law enforcement officer with Houston Police Department is now accused of shooting and killing his brother, a Harris County sheriff’s deputy.

Authorities say it was around 5:30 Friday evening when they got a call about a shooting near Westward Ho and Singletree in Stagecoach Farms, slightly south of Magnolia. When they arrived, the suspected shooter, Robert Lee, told them someone broke into his home, and that there was a burglary at his residence.

The victim, Rocky Lee, was found dead inside the bathroom of the residence.

Law enforcement officials with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, say the former officer accused of firing the shots that killed his brother, has 35 years of law-enforcement experience.

They also don’t believe it was a burglary that led to the fatal shooting of the man being identified as Rocky Lee, a 26-year law enforcement veteran who worked in the 1200 Baker Street jail.

Officials on the case say he accused shooter had to be treated for blood pressure problems at the scene. Now they’re trying to figure out what led to the killing and add that the accused shooter was cooperating with police during questioning.

Numerous law enforcement continue to express their condolences for the fallen deputy.

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