More good news for the American economy


The good news continues to come in for what is a booming economy under President Donald Trump.

A new report from the Federal Reserve shows that 74% of you say you are doing okay financially or living comfortably. That is up from 70% the previous year and up from 62% in 2013. Economist Vance Ginn with the Texas Public Policy Foundation tells KTRH what doing 'okay' financially means.

“It has to do with how they perceive where they are at; what their bills are, what their budget is like, and what their income level is,” Ginn explained. “All of those things go into an evaluation of how you are doing financially.”

The report also shows that less of you are saying you'd be unable to handle an emergency expense. What was 50% five years ago is down by 10% now. Ginn says that's another sign things are better.

“I’m glad to see that number is improving,” Ginn stated, crediting the decline in that number in part to job creation.

Speaking of jobs, a pair of cities in Texas are on a new Top 10 list for those looking for work. Houston did not make the cut on the Glassdoor rankings but Austin and Dallas did.

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