Mayor Turner Pushes More Public Transit Options

Houston's mayor laid out a four-point transportation plan during his third annual State of Mobility speech Thursday, to make the city what he called “more competitive” on a national level. 

Speaking to the Transportation Advocacy Group, Mayor Sylvester Turner said he believes Houstonians are ready to use public transportation, “but we have to make it attractive” and “more convenient.”

Turner first wants Metro to come up with a direct connector between Houston's downtown and Galleria area. 

“Connecting these centers will enable these centers to become even more vibrant and walkable while minimizing congestion.”

He also called on transportation officials to revamp the entire HOV system.  “The next generation of our HOV system must have two-way service on all freeways, seven days a week.”

Mayor Turner pushed for direct service between the city center to both Bush and Hobby airports.

“If rail to Bush is not feasable or practical, Metro should establish a signature bus service,” he said. “Hobby Airport is also a hub for regional business travel, and an extension of light rail is a natural connection to Hobby.”

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