POLL: Mainstream media ignoring spy scandal

FBI Getty Images

You may have been shocked by the latest FBI scandal, where a spy was allegedly embedded into the campaign of then candidate Donald Trump. You are shocked enough to talk about it, something the mainstream media isn’t doing at all.

And that's even though some think this is bigger than what we saw in the 70's under Richard Nixon.

“This is Watergate on steroids,” KTRH’s Sean Hannity said on his Fox News show this week.

Michael Johns with the National Tea Party Movement tells KTRH the mainstream media would be reacting differently if this had happened under former President Obama.

“All of Washington would grind to a halt until every fact related to this was unearthed,” Johns said.

So what will it take for the mainstream media to acknowledge that this happened?

“They will be dragged along very unwillingly when facts begin to become indisputable and are unsurfaced,” Johns explained, adding that you are not being served by the networks that are not willing to talk about this.

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