Fire Up the Grill!

Memorial Day is not only the traditional start of the grilling season, but this year National Hamburger Day falls on Memorial Day!  What a deal!

There will be many, many burgers consumed during this extended holiday weekend.

If your preference is that someone else do the cooking, there is a restaurant at every corner to serve up your burger your way.  A survey by of more than 1,000 Americans across the country finds Texas following the national trend of making Five Guys the go-to spot.

Here’s a map of who likes what.

In Texas, a majority (24%) chose Five Guys as their favorite burger joint. McDonalds (16%) and Burger King (15%) followed in second and third place; Carl’s Jr. in fourth.  At the very bottom of the list is Whataburger.  “Yeah, I was surprised.  As a native Texan I love Whataburger, but only 2% said that Whataburger was their favorite place to grab a burger,” says spokesperson Sarah Hollenbeck.

If we have to do the cooking, 49% of Texans say a classic burger is their best, while 14% prefer to order a double. Grass-fed burgers (12%) and turkey burgers (11%) are also popular options for Texas.

What do Texans like to put on their burgers? Here are the top five toppings for your state:

Cheese (60%)

Bacon (46%)

Tomatoes (52%)

Lettuce (57%)

Onion (46%)

14% of Texans admitted to eating burgers several times a week, while 34% chow down just once a week. 29% will only stop at their favorite burger joint once a month.

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