Your Attic may contain a Fortune!

Your 25-year-old Sega Genesis could be worth a lot of money -- if it still works. The market for vintage video games and their consoles is exploding -- along with vintage electronics of all sorts.

Dave Cohen at Re-Play Games in The Heights says just the games can go for as much as $1,500.

"I've got a game in right now that's going for about $1,300."

Cohen says he's selling a copy of "Pocky and Rocky 2" on the Super Nintendo for $1,300.

But Cohen says the game has to be rare and in excellent condition.

"One of the big things that raises the price on a lot of the older ones is if they have the original box and manual and paperwork that came with them; and if all of that is in perfect condition, that really raises the prices up."

Cohen says even the old handhelds, like an original Nintendo "Gameboy," can go for quite a bit.

"They usually go for about $50 or 60 bucks; I can see someone paying up to $100 though depending on where they get it from and there are a few different models that can go for a little bit more."

But it's not just video games; old gadgets like mp3 players, stereo equipment and just about anything from the 1960s can fetch top dollar from collectors.

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