Will the shooter’s family be held liable?

In the wake of Friday’s shooting that killed ten people, eight of them children in Santa Fe, questions are starting to be asked about the family of Dimitrios Pagourtzis and whether they should be held responsible for what happened.

On the one hand, Texas does have a safe storage law when it comes to guns. But on the other hand, attorney Rachel Hooper says it does not apply here.

“A child is defined as an individual under the age of 17. In Texas, 17 is an adult in the eyes of criminal law,” Hooper explained.

And because shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis is seventeen, the law does not apply. Some have floated the idea of changing this law, but Hooper doesn't want to see that.

“I don’t know that Texans want to be in the business of regulating parenting,” Hooper stated.

Texas is one of 27 states that have a law like this on the books. Police have still not made clear how Pagourtzis got a hold of his father's guns.

Elsewhere, the body of Sabika Sheikh, one of the victims from Friday, has arrived back in Pakistan. A memorial service for her was held here over the weekend.

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