Valdez to challenge Abbott after runoff

Lupe Valdez (above).

Greg Abbott (above).

The Texas primaries are now officially over after the runoff elections yesterday. And now we know what the matchups are in the general election in November.

There was one statewide race, and that saw Lupe Valdez defeat Andrew White to win the Democratic nomination for Governor and she's already using the Santa Fe tragedy as a campaign issue.

“It’s the security of keeping your job if you’re sick. And of course having our children being able to go to school and return back home,” Valdez told supporters last night.

So will that work as an issue for her against Governor Abbott? Ross Ramsey at the Texas Tribune isn't sure about that.

“Recent history would argue against that. We’ve had shootings like this for years and it has not become an election issue,” Ramsey stated.

RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong says if this is who Democrats want, it's a win for Republicans in November.

“They are a far left party that is out of touch, even with most Democrats,” Armstrong told KTRH News.

So the ‘Blue Wave,’ the one being hyped by the mainstream media, may not come to pass after all.

“It’s a little bit overdone,” UT-Arlington political scientist Allan Saxe said to KTRH. “A generic poll for the first time in a long time shows the Republicans with an edge.”

In other races, Dan Crenshaw defeated Kevin Roberts in the race for Congressman Ted Poe's seat in Washington. And Lizzie Fletcher beat Laura Moser for the right to challenge incumbent Republican John Culberson in District 7.

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