Retiring with a Twist

Houston workers --- from Welders to Doctors --- are finding rewarding semi-retirement...and it's great for their employers as well according to Houston AARP’s Juanita Jimenez Soto.

“They work only part-time plus they get to share their knowledge and experience with younger workers.”  Companies offer more flexibility and often modified benefits. 

“There’s a big shortage of skilled laborers because many are soon to retire.  So having those people at the workplace teaching others is a good thing for the employer.”

To address worker shortages, according to the National Association of Manufacturers 2018 survey,  35% of manufacturers encourage potential retirees to stay on. There are doctors working part time at a small hospital in their own neighborhood and office professionals working from home in shorts and t-shirts.  Soto says it's a real win-win. “Workers are making more retirement funds and their employers aren't losing their years of experience.” 

Some workers are finding new, less stressful careers like a nurse becoming a part time instructor (where she gets to sit down and doesn’t lift anything heavier than a text book).  A wealth of experience and knowledge not wasted.

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