Is Houston a Hockey Town?

Rockets' owner Tilman Fertitta would like another tenant at Toyota Center -- an NHL team. But can hockey work this far south?

ESPN hockey expert Greg Wyshynski says Las Vegas shows hockey can work anywhere.

"Hockey can connect with a community in a place that doesn't necessarily have it as a natural fit geographically."

Wyshynski says it's more about market size than a history of hockey.

"When you look at the top media markets in the United States most of the top ten -- outside of Houston and Atlanta -- are hockey towns."

Wyshynski says the next expansion city is Seattle, but the Arizona Coyotes have been in financial trouble for years and they could be moved here.

"The Arizona Coyotes currently don't have a new building; they've been battling with the city of Glendale for years about various and sundry things; that relationship is strained to the point where it can't exist anymore so immediately that is a team that is going to be looked at as possible relocation bait."

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