Calls for Texas Special Session Grow Louder

While Gov. Greg Abbott holds roundtable discussions on school safety this week, there's a growing chorus of public officials pushing for a special session to address the issue.

State Rep. Byron Cook, R-Corsicana, says the time is now for Texas lawmakers to address some of the issues being discussed in the wake of last week’s shooting at Santa Fe High School which left eight students and two teachers dead.

“This issue certainly rises to the level of importance that we shouldn’t be waiting until this time next year to address this,” says Cook.

“This is the best way to send the right kind of message to not only the public, but to those who have gone through this, that we’re going to take strong actions on this very important issue.”

Whether it's metal detectors, additional school resource officers or arming teachers, Cook says all of it should be debated in special session.

“I think what will emerge is a plan of action to implement much safer environments for our school-ages folks and educators,” he says.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls also is calling for a special session to approve money from the state's Rainy Day fund to secure Texas schools.

The governor was criticized for not calling a special session after Harvey, and so far his office remains silent on this latest request.

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