Rising Gas Prices and Your Vacation

When the Iranian nuclear deal was canceled, oil prices hiked. Is this the beginning of even greater hikes? Kym Bolado host of  In the Oil Patch "heard Sundays on KTRH says, “Even with Iran taking their oil off the market, there are plenty of countries willing to fill that gap. I see things are stable and will stay the way they are right now.”

Another issue to consider is the time of year we’re in.  Says Bolado, “There’s more demand because people are traveling on vacation. Demand brings higher prices. I think what we’re seeing is very normal and don’t think we’ll see prices that will spike unusually high.” 

She thinks Texas prices may reach $3.50 at the highest and states with lots of states that more heavily regulate oil and gas may see $4.50 a gallon.   


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