People who live in small towns, rural areas are happier

Vancouver School of Economics and McGill University happiness researchers found that people are significantly less happy in urban areas.

Magnolia, is in southwestern Montgomery County, with a population roughly about 3,000.

It’s named for the magnolia trees in the area.

Greater Magnolia Parkway Chamber of Commerce’s Sandy Barton said living in a small town is a choice of lifestyle pace. Many people work and play where they live.

“We don’t have a Wal-Mart. There are some smaller grocery type stores-Brookshire Brothers and Arlens. We have restaurants. We have a local brewery. We have some wonderful retail shops and antique stores. We have a Walgreens,” said Barton.

The study found the happiest communities had shorter commute times and less expensive housing.

“If you have to go from one side to the other in a traffic jam, you might be talking about 10 minutes. Now, if we’re talking about the greater Magnolia Parkway community, which is also rural, if you’re going from one side to the other, that can be half an hour,” said Barton.

She said people's stress levels are less because the entire community is part of your support system.

Barton added everyone knows each other, so they don't get as sassy or nasty as in bigger cities.

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