Has the TV industry run out of ideas?  With Murphy Brown and Roseann bringing back original casts, and shows like Magnum PI rebooting, what's happening?  Garth Jowett of the University of Houston Valenti School of Communication says,

“This is a common meme.  With every revival comes people saying, ‘are we going back the past?’  Every year this happens when something like this breaks!”

He figures it's just another way to get more viewers.

“The networks are desperately trying to get new ‘eyes’ and hoping to grab viewers who grew up with these programs.”

Still – it does look like TV Primetime is looking a lot like the last year of Ronald Reagan’s presidency.  Is commercial TV turning more conservative? 

“ I don’t think this has anything to do with the Reagan era. If you look at the content of these shows – they were anything but conservative,” he commented.

And how are they going to bring back the original cast of Murphy Brown? 

“From what I have read, they are going to deal a lot with the issue of fake news!”

Let’s just hope it’s still funny!!

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