Deadly Santa Fe HS shooting prompts increased security

9mm Handgun for Teacher (Credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Now through the end of the year, schools are on high alert and ramping up security after Friday's deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School. Klein ISD will have officers working extended days to provide more coverage on campuses for the remainder of the school year.

Additionally, entrance screening technology at elementary campuses have been installed and are working to provide additional secure vestibules.Klein ISD's Judy Rimato said students are their best eyes and ears and follow up on what they report.

“But, if you have layers of security, starting with building relationships and then other layers of security along the way that keeps people out of our school trying to do harm, it just makes it an atmosphere where people come to school and they feel safer,” said Rimato.

She said students want their schools to be safe, too. Parents can check out Keep Klein Safe for safety enforcements.

Klein ISD is researching social media alert systems to possibly add to their layered approach to school safety and security.

Rimato said they don't currently have a social media monitoring service, currently employees do that.

“We monitor our social media using keyword alerts and whenever we see anything around a firearm or that sort of thing, we certainly get right on it,” said Rimato.

She said developing relationships with students is paramount to making them comfortable to report any issues to teachers and staff.

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