President’s approval is rising, Congress is diminishing

Poll numbers show the president and Congress going in opposite directions, with Republicans hopeful to turn it around by mid-term.

A Gallup Poll shows Congress has a job approval of 17 percent and President Trump's is at 43 percent. Political strategist Chris Begala said the president is still seen as an outsider, a non-politician.

“Republicans are behind Donald Trump in popularity because they (Congress) are not seen to have the same conviction. Agree or disagree with the issue, but everybody gives Donald Trump credit for having the conviction and sticking to his principles,” said Begala.

He said regular Republican Congress men and women don't have that conviction...and most likely won't change.

Begala said he doubts Congressional approval poll numbers will get turned around before mid-term elections.

“But, I think you’re going to see a lot of races tightening come around mid-October because I think Donald Trump, love him or hate, but in some of these really tight races—I think he can make a difference,” said Begala.

Begala said Democrats might have a little lead come November, about four to five percent apart over Republicans.

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