Poll: Dems' Advantage Shrinking Ahead of Midterms

The Democrats' advantage heading into November's mid-term elections continues to shrink with at least one poll showing the left now leading by less than five percentage points.

Even with Real Clear Politics' 4.7 percent margin, Democrats could still take the House, but momentum is shifting.

“The idea that you've got to kick all these Republicans out of office because the country is going down the tubes just isn't flying with voters,” says Matt Langston, vice president of Axiom Strategies in Austin.

“You've got a very popular Republican president, the economy is going very well, unemployment is at an historic low,” he says.  “Specifically for Texas, oil prices are at $80 a barrel.”

Langston says the real energy is with President Trump and Republicans, not Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

 “We've seen more women, more minorities in the Republican Party this cycle than we've ever seen before," he says. "And all you get is the same old song and dance from the Democrats."

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