Memorials begin for Santa Fe victims

A memorial was held for one of the victims of the Santa Fe shooter on Sunday, as kids get ready to go back to school there later this week.

Thousands of people turned out to mourn Pakistani exchange student Sabika Sheikh. MJ Khan of the Greater Islamic Council says the madness has to stop.

“We lost ten people, and there are a few that are still struggling with their lives. They're ten too many,” Khan said.

Santa Fe students return to school Wednesday. Other students across the Houston area are back today following the weekend. All kids probably were aware to some degree about what happened. Parenting expert Maria Luce tells KTRH as parents you need to talk to your kids about this.

“They know this is going on, and you are doing your children a disservice by not talking to them,” Luce explained.

The family of shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis said they had no idea what their son was planning. And Luce says this is a lesson for all parents, if not a wakeup call.

“For any parent out there, if this is a wakeup call for you, then you are not plugged in as a parent,” Luce stated.

The Santa Fe students return to school on Wednesday. Graduation ceremonies are scheduled for June 1st.

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