Facebooks claims to be cracking down on terroristic content

A new report shows how Facebook is trying to improve objectionable content.

"Unfakery" creator Felicia Cravens  works on closing down blatantly fake profiles.

She said people from foreign countries are serving fake content to Americans via Facebook despite claims from the social media site that it's trying to control that kind of content.

She wants to see even more transparency and a stronger effort to removing terrorist groups.

“Why would people from overseas be feeding fake information to Americans? It’s a problematic thing. People vote based on the fake things that they find on Facebook. People make decisions based on that fakery,” said Cravens. “These terrorists are very clever at starting up again, once Facebook shuts them down in one place they’re really good at ramping up quickly. And, I think they need to devote more people to monitoring that.”

Cravens said there's an inherent bias in the people running Facebook and place a heavier emphasis on some violations than others because how they fall politically.

She added that Facebook users need to be more discerning, as well as held responsible for content they post.

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