Shooter's Family May Face Legal Problems

While Santa Fe shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis has been charged with capital murder there are questions about his family, and whether they are in danger of facing any criminal issues.

The question being asked is what criminal responsibility the father has, because it was his guns that were used in the attack yesterday morning.

“If you have a weapon in your home and a child can get a hold of it and harm themselves or others it’s a crime,” legal analyst Chris Tritico said.

But Tritico also says that law was not written for a circumstance like this. He expects other kind of legal action to be taken.

“I’m certain the father has homeowner’s insurance which will be looked at to cover any cases that are filed,” Tritico stated.

Because of a Supreme Court ruling in the early 2000's, even though Pagourtzis is charged with capital murder, he cannot be given the death penalty because of his age.

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