Midterm campaign issues taking shape for both parties

The issues for the upcoming midterm elections are taking shape, and it’s no surprise what the top issue is for Republicans.

That issue is immigration. There is new polling that shows the only thing as important to Republican voters today is the economy. Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak tells KTRH that he's not surprised the issue of immigration is as important to you as it is.

“After the Central American caravan and all of the issues related to border security and the wall it’s understandable,” Mackowiak said.

He says there's also frustration that Congress hasn't helped the President achieve his goals on immigration. Because of that, you can expect some fireworks over the issue in Washington as Election Day gets closer.

“The government will close at the end of September if a new spending bill is not agreed to. Trump says he won’t sign another spending bill unless he gets the wall funded. So, there is going to be a stare down,” Mackowiak explained.

As for the Democrats, they say the top issue for them is health care, followed by gun control. Immigration is fourth, behind the economy.

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