POLL: Are we in the 50 year rage cycle?

Odds are you are going to bump into someone who is angry at some point today. It might have already happened. There’s a lot of rage out there these days. And there are a lot of theories to explain it, too.

For instance, one theory talks about the 50 year rage cycle, which people who study cliodynamics (why things change with time) say we might be in. They claim we saw something similar in 1920 and 1970. Psychologist Wendy Rice tells KTRH that's not quite it. There are a lot of other factors.

“How stressful our lives are, and because we don’t have enough outlets to get that stress out is why we are seeing this,” Rice explained. We are kind of cooped up.”

She points to social media, where you can actually see people jumping on the rage bandwagon.

“If everyone else is expressing an attitude, or thinks it’s okay to express something we tend to jump on the bandwagon and do it,” Rice stated, adding that people think it's okay to do that on social media because that affords you the ability to stay anonymous, especially on Twitter.

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