The television industry is in trouble

You know the quality of television isn’t what it used to be, and the television industry is in more trouble than you realize.

Ratings are down, and Bob Thompson at Syracuse University tells us that it's because the old way of watching TV isn't practical anymore.

“The way people watch television is changing in significant ways, especially the way young people watch television, and that is the group that advertisers want most,” Thompson said.

And the falling ratings also means less advertising revenue. One hand washes the other. And there is also the problem of Hollywood, which has gone too far left for many of you.

“That’s part of the equation. People are ideologically rebelling against television. But, I am not sure how big a part of the recipe that is,” Thompson explained.

But it is big enough that when a show like Roseanne came back with a pro-Trump theme, it quickly became one of the biggest hits of the season.

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