Parents are changing fairy tales because of political correctness

Fairy tales are not what they used to be, or at least today’s parents are making sure of that.

A new survey shows a quarter of all parents change parts of fairy tales because they are either too scary, send a bad message, or aren’t politically correct. Family therapist Julie Nise tells KTRH this is just a bit too much political correctness for her.

“Fairy tales have a point, just like a lot of the stories in the Bible have a point,” Nise explained. “All of the stories in the Bible aren’t necessarily violence free either.”

Nise says we had the same fairy tales as kids, and our parents didn't do this for us.

“We all grew up with the stories, and I don’t think anybody died from it. There’s plenty of proof you can make it through alive,” Nise explained.

The fairy tale most likely to change is 'Little Red Riding Hood.' Apparently these days the wolf doesn't eat grandma, and instead of killing him Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf become friends.

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