No one is praising President Trump’s accomplishments

The mainstream media continues to ignore President Trump's success—giving him only seconds of coverage for the capture of five of the “Most Wanted” ISIS leaders.

The media fawned over the former president, yet the current sitting president makes great strides and gets ignored. Harris County Republican Party Chairman Paul Simpson said if it doesn't fit the media's narrative, they don't want to report on it.

“Despite the media’s narrative, the Trump administration is leading a charge against ISIS; it’s withdrawn from this ridiculous Iran pact; and you can see the progress we’ve made with North Korea getting them to come to the table,” said Simpson. “I think Trump understands you got to take the fight to ISIS. You remember Obama one time called them the JV, and this is after he had gotten a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing. The Trump administration is doing a much better job of actually dealing with people overseas who mean to do us harm and dealing with them in a strong way.”

News Busters found that the capture of five of the “Most Wanted” ISIS leaders, the story received 42 seconds of airtime by CBS Friday morning. ABC and NBC did nothing Thursday night.

The Iraqi government claims it killed dozens of terrorists based on information culled from the captured ISIS leaders.

It’s reported months spent in planning a military operation between Iraqi allies and Syrian forces is closer than ever to getting ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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