Popularity of frozen food heating up

Defocussed view of man shopping in grocery store

It's not just TV dinners and pot pies.  The frozen food industry is enjoying quite a comeback

Kristi King, a registered dietitian with Baylor College of Medicine,  says she's encouraged by the trend she sees in the industry. ""I applaud the industry and many of its vendors who have recently come up with some pretty healthy food options."

She says the changes are especially good for our tastebuds and our health. "The great thing about buying frozen fruits and vegetables is that they are picked and frozen at the peak of their nutrient content - which means you are getting top nutrition."

There's no waste in the packages - and they're good for portion control. That's especially important for family cooks on a budget. "You can get frozen vegetables that are out of season at a lower cost that you could in your product section. But I do warn you to check package labels to make sure there is a minimal amount of additives like salt and fat involved!"

Millennials, who consider themselves to be food snobs, have discovered frozen food as a cheaper alternative to take-out. And frozen fruit is good for smoothies, cobblers, and, of course, adult beverages.

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