Your Boss Wants You to Take a Vacation!

Your vacation days are like precious gems --- so why are so many of you not picking them up?   Katie Denis of Project Time Off says, “The biggest reason is pressures at work --- and that’s the one that’s really fixable.”

She says that many companies don't even address vacation issues.  “We have people take our surveys tell us that no one at their companies has ever talked to them about how to take their vacation.   “Companies should care about their employees’ vacation time.  The outcomes for the company are great. You get someone who is more productive, more creative and who wants to stay with your company for the long term.”

Time away from work when you can UN-PLUG is good for everyone.

Denis continues,  “If you do the same thing over and over day after day, you MIGHT come up with THE great idea --- but your chances are much better if you have taken time away to rest your brain.”

If you are guilty of leaving those gems on the table --- you’re not alone.  The American workforce did not use 705 million vacation days last year According to Project: Time Off's latest State of American Vacation 2018.

To put is in more practical terms, the average employee actually donated $561 in "free" work to their employer by not using their vacation time.

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