Spoiled by Past 401(k) Gains? Modest Growth Seen

Your 401(k) retirement account probably isn't seeing near the gains this year that it enjoyed during a robust 2017 -- but experts warn that it's no reason to start tinkering.

You may have noticed zero growth, but you're not alone.

Instead: Patience, they counsel. Wall Street watchers the goal is to sit tight on a retirement nest egg – to tap on it, looking for (or creating) cracks.

The professionals’ average forecast for U.S. stock market performance this year is for 4.3 percent growth.

It's not what investors enjoyed last year, of course ... But martin says that's a good test of patience.

The 401(k) accounts in popular funds like Fidelity have grown to an average current value exceeding $104,000.

Investment experts say they understand investor restlessness -- but they caution people to sit tight on their 401(k)funds ... and definitely not pull them out early or spend them.

USA Today reports that the professionals’ average forecast for U.S. stock performance this year is 4.3-percent -- pretty ho-hum growth in a bull-market era. But last year, average forecast was just 5 percent. That, of course, turned out to be way too low -- and to the benefit of 401(k) bottom lines for people who didn't panic.

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