Rising gas prices helping American economy

The mainstream media doesn’t want to give President Trump any credit for the economic success we are having.

The latest proof of this is a piece in the left leaning USA Today telling you that rising gas prices are eating into the Trump tax cuts. Economist Vance Ginn with the Texas Public Policy Foundation tells KTRH this is business as usual; the media just doesn't want to say anything positive about President Trump.

“Some are always looking at ways to discredit the impact of the tax cuts, which is allowing people to keep more of their money,” Ginn explained.

GinnGinn adds that while you may not like higher gas prices, they actually help the economy.

“Oil prices will contribute to more job creation, and more job creation means the private economy is expanding,” Ginn explained. “That incentivizes producers to produce more oil. Increases in oil production has also driven more investment and economic growth, not only in Texas, but in the whole economy.”

The average gas price around Houston is $2.61 a gallon. You can find it for about $2.45 a gallon in some spots. The Texas average is $2.63.

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