Technology experts say today is NOT a good day to buy a Brand-Spankin’-New Smart Phone!  The High-Tech-Texan Michael Garfield told us, “Generally you find Apple releasing fancy new smart phones around September or October – just in time for the holiday season.  Samsung brings out new phones in February or March.”  Who knew that phones had seasons

Garfield says there are a few major releases coming out in the near future, though. “The OnePlus 6 and the HTC U12 - or whatever they are going to name it - should be available in early summer. “

What if you don’t need all those brand new shiny whistles and bells or if you need a new phone NOW?   Garfield tells us, “There are some great smart phones out there…Samsung Galaxy S9 – the best phone Samsung has ever released, and the latest Apple iPhone 8 and the Apple iPhone 10 are doing really great now.”  


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