POLL: Could Trump limit White House access to reporters?

If you judge a recent Tweet from President Trump, he has at least thought about limiting the access that the mainstream media currently has at the White House.

This comes after a new study showed most of the network news coverage of this President was judged to be negative and it’s just the latest in the feud between the President and the mainstream media. Talking to Fox News about the media coverage of President Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz said the media needs to change their tune.

“Most Texans are tired of it. When I go home no one asks about the latest scandal of the day and whatever the talking heads are lighting their hair on fire about,” Cruz said.

But Dan Gainor with the Media Research Center told KTRH he wouldn't limit media access; he'd simply stop calling on those reporters during briefings.

“Sooner or later the press would get the hint you are not calling on the problem children,” Gainor stated.

\And he adds that Trump isn't the first President to have his issues with the media.

“Presidents have always had a difficult relationship with the press. FDR had that, but he basically was the American equivalent of a king, so it wasn’t too difficult,” Gainor explained.

But this President, Gainor says, gets much different treatment.

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