POLL: The Smartest Among Smart Speakers

We don’t have to remember or think anymore – that’s what we have Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa for.  But which among them is the smartest?

At a recent tech conference is Silicon Valley they faced off in head-to-head competition with 150 questions.  The caveat, answers connecting to the web counted as a negative, as did not having an answer, or not having the ability to comprehend the question.

Though the margin was almost negligible, Google Assistant, having access to the trove of information available through Google, answered correctly 80% of the time.  Right behind, Amazon’s Alexa scored correctly 78% of the time. 

Researchers found Google knew the closest restaurants, the start times at the local movie theater, or who won the Best Picture Oscar in any given year.  It couldn’t read the latest Gmail email, which Siri could but Alexa couldn’t.  Alexa can match Google toe-to-toe in matters of science, and can translate different languages, which Siri sometimes fails at.

Apple’s Siri came in a distant third at 55%.

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