Networks Using Primetime Shows to Push Anti-Gun Message

The media's distorted bias against guns is seeping out of the news and into network television shows. 

During a recent opisode of NBC's "Taken,” two characters enter a hospital and have a brief conversation about 'gun-free zones.'  One asks, “OK with this whole no-guns thing?”  The other replies that it is okay because the gun-free zone means that “bad guys won’t have them either.”

From "Chicago Fire" to "Hawaii 5-0" -- it appears only one side of the gun debate is streaming into our living rooms.  That's according to Dr. John Lott heads the Crime Prevention Research Center

He says NBC is probably the worst when it comes to anti-gun bias.

“The 'Law & Order' show is constantly showing cases where they use licensing and registration of guns as a way to go and solve crimes, whereas in reality that just doesn't happen,” he says.

He says permit holders are repeatedly portrayed as trigger happy lunatics.

“It's hard to find any group in the population that's as law-abiding as permit holders are, but that wouldn't fit in the TV entertainment shows.”

Lott says you'll never see script writers mention how permit holders are convicted of fewer firearm violations than police.

“There are dozens of cases every month where a concealed carry permit holder has stopped just regular crimes from occurring, those are never reprsented on these TV programs.”

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