Early voting begins today for runoffs

The Texas primary season will continue through the runoff next Tuesday, but early voting for that runoff across the state begins today.

The only statewide race on the ballot is the Democratic race for Governor between Andrew White and Lupe Valdez. Republican consultant Bill Miller tells KTRH this race isn't generating the kind of buzz you would think if there was a ‘Blue Wave’ coming to Texas.

“It’s as if no one seems to care except the people who are participating in the campaign. I talk to people about politics all the time, and it is rare that the primaries come up in conversation,” Miller explained.

Neither candidate is expected to give incumbent Governor Greg Abbott much of a fight. And this may be one of the reasons why turnout is expected to be bad for the runoff, according to Ross Ramsey of the Texas Tribune.

“Turnout in runoffs in often half or less of the turnout in primaries. And the turnout in the primaries wasn’t that great,” Ramsey said.

One race that has been hotly contested is the race between Dan Crenshaw and Kevin Roberts, two republicans fighting to replace the retiring Ted Poe.

Voting hours are from 7am-7pm. Early voting runs through Friday.

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