Blue Wave might turn out to be Fake News

Fake News

The ‘Blue Wave’ the mainstream media keeps telling you about when it comes to the midterms maybe nothing more than wishful thinking on their part when it’s all said and done.

A new CNN poll shows that the Democratic advantage in the generic Congressional Ballot is down to three points. It was at sixteen points in December. Political analyst Jim McGrath tells KTRH this is good news for the GOP.

“The trend is encouraging for Republicans, but we are an eternity from Election Day,” McGrath stated.

But it does seem that the issues the Democrats want to focus on; Russian collusion and Stormy Daniels may not be the issues that matter to you. McGrath says your financial bottom line will dictate the way you vote.

“It’s clear that the economy is starting to factor into people’s decision making when it comes to the election. And Republican interest appears to be growing,” McGrath explained.

And since the economy is going well, and you are starting to see the benefits of tax reform, that helps Republicans and President Trump.

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