Psychiatrists: More Americans stressing over bills

While the economy under President Trump is booming, you still have bills to pay, and you seem to be stressing out about it more than you have in the past.

The American Psychiatric Association did the research on this and two-thirds of you said you were anxious about your bills. That's up from 56% from last year. Financial planner Leonard Raskin told KTRH he sees clients with high anxiety over bills.

“We are seeing people that are nervous, and it’s not just people that don’t have money. It’s also people that do,” Raskin said.

He thinks part of the problem, which can cause symptoms similar to PTSD according to some, is the negative economic reporting by the mainstream media.

“People are watching it, and they think the political strife is embedded in their financial lives as well,” Raskin stated.

 The research shows that women are more worried about the bills than men, with more than half of women from the ages of 18-49 saying their worried. That 57% is compared to 38% of men in the same age group.

Americans are stressed out – about money.

People are plagued by financial anxiety, according to the results of an annual poll of 1,004 adults conducted by the American Psychiatric Association released Monday.

This year's national anxiety score-derived by mean scores on a scale of zero to 100-is 51, a five-point jump since 2017.

Two-thirds of respondents said they were extremely or somewhat anxious about paying their bills or expenses. Last year, 56% of people reported financial worries.

 We talked to Leonard Raskin, financial advisor:

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