New list shows people are ignoring online privacy warnings

We do a lot of stories on KTRH and about your privacy and what is at risk when you go online. From the looks of the new rankings, you may not be as concerned about your privacy as you say you are.

That’s because in this new list of rankings the most visited sites here in the United States are Google and Facebook, even with the privacy concerns Facebook has experienced recently. Kami Huyse of Zoetica Media tells KTRH that once you go on the web there are eyes watching you.

“The internet is following you with eyes open. Once people know what kind of websites you visit they are going to serve you more websites that are similar,” Huyse explained.

And therein lies the problem. Three of the top ten websites on this list are of the adult entertainment nature, and given what Huyse just said, that could lead to problems down the road.

“I would hate to see you at work, pull up your Facebook page and suddenly you see adult entertainment ads. Be careful about where you go,” Huyse stated.

In terms of politics, President Trump might be right when he says the New York Times is failing. It's number 46 on this list, three spots behind the Drudge Report.

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