Mother’s Day shopping up over last year

Even though every day should be Mother’s Day, the actual day to celebrate it is on Sunday. And it’s a welcome day for retailers. Sara Skirball with Retail Me Not tells KTRH more of you are shopping for Mom.

We know that 76 percent of you will buy a gift for Mom this year. That’s up from 70 percent last year,” Skirball told KTRH.

And not only are more people going shopping. They are spending more.

“It’s about $25 more than last year, averaging about $88 in gifts for Mom this year,” Skirball stated.

But it’s not just flowers and dinner. Apparently more of you are buying Mom gift cards too.

“I don’t think that’s bad. You can always personalize it, add something inexpensive to it. A handwritten card also goes a very long way. It’s the thought that counts,” Skirball explained.

But according to the top three gifts for Texas moms are a massage, day off and a meal. And while many of you have already done your shopping, two percent of you admit you won’t start until Sunday.

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