Trump-bashing a staple of broadcast news

We know cable news outlets like CNN and MSNBC love to bash President Trump. And it seems like their cousins on the broadcast network newscasts like doing the exact same thing.

Numbers from the Media Research Center show that for the first four months of the year 90% of the comments made about President Trump during the news on ABC, CBS and NBC were negative. RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong tells KTRH it would be a surprise if the numbers were different.

“They are actively ignoring news that would put President Trump in a positive light, and they are actively promoting news that would put him in a negative light,” Armstrong explained.

So you get more about Stormy Daniels and Russia, and less about North Korean progress and our booming economy. But Armstrong says you are smarter than the mainstream media gives you credit for.

“People see they are getting work. People see the positive news and don’t care about all this other stuff,” Armstrong stated.

 And that is why the president's poll numbers have been going up throughout the year.

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