Therapist: American teens are skipping summer jobs

A survey finds many kids are no longer looking for summer jobs.

But too many wimpy parents are no longer making their kids get summer work, according to family therapist Lori Vann, who says it's a mistake to coddle lazy children.

"My parents instilled in me, well, you need to find ways to make money to buy that stuff that's not a necessity and you already have plenty of those things."

Vann says parents need to make sure their kids know the value of a dollar.

"Resiliency has decreased over the last couple of generations and we do end up seeing these adult children just hanging out at the parents' home, unemployed."

Vann says when kids want something fun or something that's a not a necessity, they should have to work for it. Not requiring that teaches the wrong values.

"And when parents enable teenagers by just giving them money for things that are fun items, they're doing a big disservice to those teenagers."

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