Tables are turned on negative reviewers

What comes around goes around.

Ever leave a one-star review for your hotel, ride share driver, food or other service? Now, they could return the favor.

Forget “the customer is always right” as they now become the vendor and vice versa.

As we’re sharing cars and living spaces, follow the Golden rule—be nice.

Uber drivers are required to rate their passengers on a scale of 1 to 5. If you’re rated poorly, a driver might not be matched with you.

Airbnb allows hosts to review their guests.

A negative guest reviews means a host can refuse to rent to you.

And you might never know what you did to get a negative review.

Houston travel advisor Sheilah Benoit said reviews are a huge part of the travel industry's day to day life.

“A big part of our business is our reviews and recommendations because we want clients to come back and do a review, hopefully a very positive review on our services and what we offer, and that’s where we get a lot of referral business,” said Benoit.

She said they never rate their clients.

“If we get negative feedback from a client, we like to approach it, find out what the situation, and a lot of times it’s something that’s out of our control, but yet it makes the client unhappy,” said Benoit.

She says they rely on Virtuoso for reviews.

 It’s been recommended if you have a tarnished reputation on Uber or Airbnb, delete your account and move to Lyft and HomeAway.

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