Mexico says they are effective at border security

If you believe what some new reports are saying, Mexico is effective at patrolling its own southern border from illegal immigration by deploying a deportation force. That is, if you believe the reports.

Because the facts are these; that caravan that made it to the U.S. border recently started at Mexico’s southern border. State Senator Charles Perry was behind Texas' Sanctuary Cities law and told KTRH these 'reports' are nothing more than propaganda.

“They are creating their storyline. It’s no different than any of our perceived allies are non-allies around the world,” Perry said.

And he adds that Mexico has no issue with people leaving their country to get into ours illegally.

“They would love to divest themselves of any potential problems or group of people they don’t want in their country,” Perry explained. “It also relieves the burden of trying to provide jobs and everything else for them.”

 In other words, illegal immigration from Mexico into the United States is good economically for Mexico, so they are as bad with border security as we are.

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