POLL: 'Man flu' could be a real thing

It seemed like just minutes after Duchess Kate Middleton gave birth to her third child, she appeared completely coiffed and camera-ready.

But, heaven forbid a man get sick.

Now, research finds that men are more likely to be admitted to a hospital and are more susceptible to serious complications and death from the flu because they might have weaker immune responses.

Kelsey Seybold Clinic’s Dr. Steffanie Campbell said possibly testosterone reduces the immune response to flu vaccines.

“There’s some studies that suggest we actually have a more robust immune response. And, then there are some studies that suggest that men have a more robust immune response which is why they feel worse,” said Campbell.

She said men and women just respond differently to various illnesses. Symptoms like heart attacks and depression present differently in men and women.

“Monthly we suffer with pain, and all kinds of other issues and then we have babies and maybe we’re just more adapt to handling some complications or other issues,” said Campbell.

 Reportedly, men's subpar immune system does let men excel at growth, secondary sex characteristics, and reproduction.

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