Trump reshaping judiciary

We all know how much the economy has improved under President Trump. But what the mainstream media isn’t talking about is how the president has begun to re-shape the judicial system.

Since coming into office the president has nominated 100 federal judges, with 33 of them confirmed. That includes Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Jared Woodfill with the Conservative Republicans of Texas tells KTRH they are already having an impact.

“He is appointing individuals that will follow the Constitution and not legislate from the bench,” Woodfill stated.

These judges are already making decisions on cases involving civil rights and campaign spending. What's more, Woodfill says these appointments will be Trump's true legacy.

“You have some outstanding appointments that he’s made that will affect a generation of Texans and Americans,” Woodfill said.

 That’s because these judges are relatively young. Gorsuch just turned 50. Don Willett, the Texan who was nominated and confirmed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, is 51.

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