Supreme Court to consider interstate sales taxes

The U. S. Supreme Court is considering a rule that will require shoppers to pay sales taxes on everything purchased online - not just to vendors in your own state as it is now. 

Presently, many brick and mortar shops are losing business to out-of-state online companies.  “It will certainly level the playing field between the online vendors and shops. Probably the smaller local retailers who don’t have an online presence will benefit the most if the ruling goes their way” says George Kelleman of the Texas Retailers Association.  

If ordered, it will certainly add money to Texas coffers. But Kevin Lyons of the Texas Comptroller’s Office says not to count the tax money before it's approved and details are ironed out!  “There are a lot of things to consider - there could be limitations that the Supreme Court places on how to collect and distribute taxes from out-of-state vendors. It could be a nightmare before it all gets settled,” says Lyons. “But it would still be good for the state. There would be all that sales tax from out-of-state buyers for the state.” 

 And then, the Supreme Court could just say no.

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