Poll: Clock strikes midnight on analog

Times, they are a-changin'... but you wouldn't know it from the clock on the wall.

Analog clocks - the time-honored dial with the sweeping second hand - are being removed from schools in England because students can't tell time.

Child sociologist Adam Russo says he's worried that over-simplifying something like reading a clock is not a good sign but enjoys the give and take:

"There's a CD player and kids say, "what is that?" Who needs to collect all these disks when you don't have to anymore?"

Russo says this particular example of changing times along with not learning cursive writing has a real downside ...

"It takes away from kids learning how to think differently, which is the difference between an analog clock and a digital clock. Because that's the foundation of how everything else is going to move forward culturally and technologically."

And they don't know why we "dial" or "hang up" a phone, "roll up" a car window and may not know clockwise from counter-clockwise; But they can program your iPhone for you!

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