To drain the swamp, term limits would have to be more than just talk

President Trump talks about draining the swamp, but it has yet to happen. One answer might very well be something that Congress doesn’t want to really talk about.

That would be term limits.

You hear the term thrown out there every once in a while, but there's never any action. U-H political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus says that's because lawmakers don’t want to vote themselves out of a cushy job.

“Most members believe that they were elected for a reason. They’ve connected with constituents and key interest groups in their districts,” Rottinghaus explained.

But that 'particular reason' comes into question whenever Congress doesn't act on something the majority of you want done. For instance, Obamacare, illegal immigration, and other issues that have not been settled for years.

“We definitely see during times of peak dissatisfaction with Congress that people start to call for term limits,” Rottinghaus stated.

Ultimately, you need a constitutional amendment to get term limits done, and that is a difficult process that could take years.

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