Some conservatives prefer to stay ‘in the closet’

President Trump, Conservative Leaders Address Value Voters Summit

There might be more conservatives out there than you realize. But they are afraid to declare themselves or come out of the closet, so to speak.

They stay hidden away because they are afraid of the reaction they'll get from their friends who are liberal. They are afraid to antagonize the left. Michael Johns co-founded the National Tea Party movement and told KTRH it's actually worse than you think. The left has conservatives afraid to do anything.

“They are not even challenged because they have become so routinely adopted, and that’s the most terrifying component of it,” Johns said.

These hidden conservatives are afraid of being labelled. They are afraid of becoming targets for protest. Johns says this is not the way liberals like to portray themselves. They claim to be tolerant of everyone.

“They use that word to advance their unconventional and sometimes unconstitutional ideals and values,” Johns explained. “They don’t apply it equally across ideologies. Liberal tolerance in the 21st Century has evolved into a euphemism for my way or the highway.”

And because of that, conservatives today, or at least some of them, prefer to stay hidden.

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